Although many project management applications are loaded with useful tools, they do not address specifics of the European projects. European Commission likes when everything is properly reported and the money is well spent.

AdminProject gives you powerful tools that not only help you in managing your projects, but also assist with preparing the documentation for reports available and in a form that is required.

Erasmus+ Proposals

Make sure you meet the application deadline without too much hassle. With our assistance collaboration on completing a project proposal is now streamlined and much easier for all your partners. The main idea behind it was to avoid constant circulation of a pdf forms and endless copy & paste madness.

We think that AdminProject can help you to get a few additional points. If you choose AdminProject as the project management tool for your Erasmus+ project, it will both reduce costs and help you in several important aspects, like time management, tasks management, effective resource management and even reporting, especially for dissemination and multiplier events.

At this time no one is sure what staff costs reporting model will look like, but judging from rumours time sheets might be back in use, which is fortunate as they are already built-in, with special cross-project workload checking feature. In the proposal, you’ll get to section E where a detailed description of project management approach needs to be provided.

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EU specific functions

Structure of the application form - The structure of the application form is fully reflected thanks to clear division into work packages, deliverables and tasks.

Work Packages - Intuitive project organisation and planning are what helps in swift project implementation. Take control over the structure and results delivery schedule. Information entered into each work package forms the base for automatic Gantt chart generation. No more dabbling with Excel tables.

Financial reporting - It's a result of seamless cooperation between the programmers and accountants. You can create documents required in most European projects like timesheets, which record and help managing the cost of your project staff), travel expenses, subcontracting and other costs. our role here is very simple – just enter any expenses and, thanks to all the magic behind the scenes, you’ll have a Word document ready to be signed and stamped for reporting purposes.

Main template - Most probably you’d like to have all documents printed on your own headed paper (with company or project logos). It couldn’t be simpler! You only need to upload your own template (one empty Word page with header and/or footer), which will be populated with a report’s content.

Dissemination- We all know how difficult it is to keep track of, and properly report dissemination activities undertaken in European projects. We have a solution for that. In the dissemination module you can record and track all your dissemination activities. All in one place, across all partners. You can optionally attach any supporting files for these activities – attendance lists, photos, brochures – you name it. Thanks to this module, when the time of a final report comes, you won’t have to search for everything dating one or two years back. All of the records will be there waiting for you.

Evaluation - Design and share questionnaires with partners and beneficiaries. Easy questionnaire editor and very simple way of distribution will bring you the results quicker than you would normally expect from a paper survey. Obviously, the results can be exported to a spreadsheet for further processing.

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