AdminProject also gives you tools to keep everyday management of the project under control. It's not unusual that we have them, it's unusual that they are integrated into the project framework and streamline all management operations.

Gantt chart - A bar chart illustrating the start and finish dates of tasks and workpackages, end dates for milestones and deliverables. It is an an overview of project's schedule with bars that represent progress of all tasks.

Notifications - customised e-mail messages that arrive to your mailbox in regular intervals (like everyday to-do list), or triggered messages notifying users about new comments, tasks and changes in important workflow.

To-do list - list with all tasks that has been assigned to an active user. It enables a clear view of what is overdue, what deadlines are coming soon and what tasks are much further ahead. As a manager, a person who assigns tasks, you can also see the tasks that others have failed to complete in time.

Workload management - see how much have you done in all projects.

Meeting Planner - ask partners to choose the best dates and choose the best time for your meetings.

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