The main idea behind it was to avoid constant circulation of a pdf forms and endless copy & paste madness. Now you can create new proposal, invite your partners and work together to develop a brilliant Erasmus+ proposal.

No more waiting for a partner who was supposed to send you the file with their entries and no more forwarding it to the next partner so they can complete their part.

Its full functionality is available for the holders of a Free Account. No monthly subscription or credit card details are required. You can create and join any number of Proposals you need, plus you can invite as many collaborators as you want to get the form ready in time.

Our proposal form includes all sections from the eForm that need to be filled with information and don’t depend on external data that completes automatically based on PIC numbers or other selections made. Unfortunately, the way the eForm is built prevents us from building a tool that would generate a complete proposal pdf.

All fields have a revision system. It means that even if two people edit the field at the same time nothing will be lost or overwritten. In case you make a mistake or save a field with content removed you can always revert to an earlier version.

What is more, you get 5GB storage space for sharing files and a discussion board to talk about problematic fields.

The difference between the Free and Paid accounts is the ability to create projects. You can’t do it with a Free Account but you can still join and work on project created by a subscriber of a paid plan.

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