Evaluation is yet another element of literally every EU-funded project. Those who decide to fund our project would like to know if the money is well spent, if all the processes go as planned or if the beneficiaries are happy with the results.

Before AdminProject, we had to resort to third-party tools to prepare our evaluation questionnaires. Later they were to be exported and added to whatever platform we were using to collaborate.

We have decided to develop a module that would offer a simple way of designing questionnaires, distributing them to interested parties, collecting results and presenting them in a digestible way.

Creation of a questionnaire is quick and intuitive and the editor provides all necessary types of questions like:

  • Yes/No questions
  • Single- and Multiple-choice questions
  • Single- and Multi-line textboxes
  • Scale questions
  • Question Matrix

You can publish the questionnaires and generate a link that can be distributed to interested parties (partners, beneficiaries, focus groups, etc.). The questionnaire can be accessed by everyone with the link, especially those who do not have an account in AdminProject.

The results are a mix of both text and charts, and if you need to work on them further, use export to a .csv file option to download a spreadsheet with results.

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