Dissemination is always one of the fundamental elements of every European project. The EU governing bodies would like individuals and organisations concerned be reached efficiently, informed about the progress and its results.

Dissemination actions are actually informational campaigns within the project and a designated module within AdminProject will help you record when they were done, who was the recipient and what was the method used. All partners can put all information about their activities accompanied with photos, attendance lists scans etc.

The idea behind it is to log all your dissemination activities and later generate a report for your project documentation as all the fields match those required on the official reports required by the EU bodies. Such report will not only include the basic information about an activity but also all photos and additional files that you have attached to particular activities.

With Dissemination module you can log and record:

  • Events - meetings, seminars, conferences
  • Web activity – website, social networks
  • Tangible media – leaflets, brochures and other distributed materials like pens, notepads, pendrives.

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