Every European Project is divided into smaller pieces of work called Work Packages (WP), they sometimes are written as one word. They represent specific blocks of work and each WP needs deliverables or results – an effect or outcome of a particular WP.

Now you can work with Work Packages that correspond to your project. Feel free to add milestones and deliverables to Work Packages according to your project’s specifications. These elements have a deadline and a description, which will make the tracking of project’s achievements much easier. Each Work Package can be given an acronym (WP1, WP2 – it’s up to you) which will be shared across your project’s space (e.g. in finances or dissemination modules).

Defining those items takes only a moment, but will help you track your project’s progress and quickly find out what should be available and when, as opposed to skimming through the project proposal.

When it comes to actual action, everything can be broken down to simple organic activities that are represented in AdminProject by Tasks which are an essential part of every Work Package. While tasks are not explicitly defined in any project proposal, they are the means of achieving your goals, producing deliverables and completing milestones.

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