We have already mentioned how important reporting is for European projects and how strenuous it may be. To cope with that we have simplified the process and make it as user-friendly as possible.

It is a frequent view, a project manager or coordinator diligently filling in tables on a spreadsheet. Most often than not it is a single file stored locally, accessed by a single person which is not very flexible. Coordinator has to make sure it is consistent and that all the details are entered and reviewed on time. Everything is on their head.

AdminProject timesheets allow for adding people involved in the project, with their role and daily rate. A timeshhet for each month can be created and the user can add as many activities as they need, so you can get into as much detail as is required by your National Agency.

When a timesheet is ready it can be exported, printed out and attached to the project documentation. A .docx document will be generated with a heading and footer taken from the template you can upload in the project’s settings. The document is fully editable, so there should be no problem in making adjustments you see necessary.

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