AdminProject is a project management platform that has been designed with specific requirements of EU-funded projects in mind. It is a collaboration platform that puts all the tools you could need to replicate your project in your on-line workspace.

AdminProject, it’s a streamlined tool designed for people who run and participate in any kind of projects. It is made by people who have been preparing and running EU-funded projects for n-teen years and have decided to make a tool that will make the management easy and straightforward.

Clean and simple interface. Easy to use. Advanced functionality hidden behind straightforward actions. Powerful and robust assistant in European projects’ management. That’s right – we have taken into account all of these things which prevented you from working in a faster and more efficient way. We have also taken some of the responsibilities from you, so that now it is the system that is doing a significant portion of work for you.

Here's a word from the developers:

We had tried to find software that would comprehensively cover our project needs we decided to develop a tool that will cater to all our needs and cover all the gaps we used to supplement with a whole suite of different apps. We have developed the second version of AdminProject because we believe in an efficient, smart and user-friendly software. We want it to be of great assistance with little requirements or training. Intuitive and logical access to all modules, options and communications - that is what we wanted. And we will continue to make it better.

We think that there is no better solution in the market to cope with demands of the European Commission, including the shape of your project application and the project itself. Then, there are tonnes of reporting documentation to be prepared and ready in the event of an inspection and the closing documentation of the project. AdminProject has been developed to help you with all those important, although sometimes troubling, pieces of your project-puzzle.

  • Tailored for EU projects +

    Although many project management applications are loaded with useful tools, they do not address specifics of the European projects. European Commission likes when everything is properly reported and the money is well spent.

    AdminProject gives you powerful tools that not only help you in managing your projects, but also assist with preparing the documentation for reports available and in a form that is required.

    Erasmus+ Proposals

    Make sure you meet the application deadline without too much hassle. With our assistance collaboration on completing a project proposal is now streamlined and much easier for all your partners. The main idea behind it was to avoid constant circulation of a pdf forms and endless copy & paste madness.

  • Collaboration Tools +

    Communication and coordination are the base of a successful collaboration. We provide the means to keep everyone informed on everything that needs to be done now, and in two weeks. We facilitate communication between co-workers and partners regardless of their location. Be they next door or on a different continent.

  • Reports for National Agencies +

    European projects require regular reporting to your National Agency. The bigger the project, the more tedious it becomes. We wanted to make it easier and implemented the necessary export tools so that you can generate the documents needed based on the information you have already entered into AdminProject. The documents will draw on a template which can be customised with all required logos and phrases that should appear on each document.

  • Easier Management +

    AdminProject also gives you tools to keep everyday management of the project under control. It's not unusual that we have them, it's unusual that they are integrated into the project framework and streamline all management operations.

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Each module in AdminProject was designed with a purpose of having a tool that will address a project management need. All of them are available to everyone in a project for full transparency and clarity.

  • Proposal Builder
  • Questionnaires
  • Dissemination
  • Work Packages
  • Timesheets
  • Meeting Planner

The main idea behind it was to avoid constant circulation of a pdf forms and endless copy & paste madness. Now you can create new proposal, invite your partners and work together to develop a brilliant Erasmus+ proposal.

No more waiting for a partner who was supposed to send you the file with their entries and no more forwarding it to the next partner so they can complete their part.

Its full functionality is available for the holders of a Free Account. No monthly subscription or credit card details are required. You can create and join any number of Proposals you need, plus you can invite as many collaborators as you want to get the form ready in time.


Evaluation is yet another element of literally every EU-funded project. Those who decide to fund our project would like to know if the money is well spent, if all the processes go as planned or if the beneficiaries are happy with the results.

Before AdminProject, we had to resort to third-party tools to prepare our evaluation questionnaires. Later they were to be exported and added to whatever platform we were using to collaborate.

We have decided to develop a module that would offer a simple way of designing questionnaires, distributing them to interested parties, collecting results and presenting them in a digestible way.


Dissemination is always one of the fundamental elements of every European project. The EU governing bodies would like individuals and organisations concerned be reached efficiently, informed about the progress and its results.

Dissemination actions are actually informational campaigns within the project and a designated module within AdminProject will help you record when they were done, who was the recipient and what was the method used. All partners can put all information about their activities accompanied with photos, attendance lists scans etc.

The idea behind it is to log all your dissemination activities and later generate a report for your project documentation as all the fields match those required on the official reports required by the EU bodies. Such report will not only include the basic information about an activity but also all photos and additional files that you have attached to particular activities.


Every European Project is divided into smaller pieces of work called Work Packages (WP), they sometimes are written as one word. They represent specific blocks of work and each WP needs deliverables or results – an effect or outcome of a particular WP.

Now you can work with Work Packages that correspond to your project. Feel free to add milestones and deliverables to Work Packages according to your project’s specifications. These elements have a deadline and a description, which will make the tracking of project’s achievements much easier. Each Work Package can be given an acronym (WP1, WP2 – it’s up to you) which will be shared across your project’s space (e.g. in finances or dissemination modules).


We have already mentioned how important reporting is for European projects and how strenuous it may be. To cope with that we have simplified the process and make it as user-friendly as possible.

It is a frequent view, a project manager or coordinator diligently filling in tables on a spreadsheet. Most often than not it is a single file stored locally, accessed by a single person which is not very flexible. Coordinator has to make sure it is consistent and that all the details are entered and reviewed on time. Everything is on their head.


Making arrangements for each project meeting can be an arduous task. Having to include all your partners’ schedules and plans, trying to squeeze the meeting right after the completion of a work package.

Debates on dates can often take a lot of time. We have developed a neat little tool to help you see what dates are most feasible for all invited participants.

There, you can view all planned meetings and plan new ones. Select dates, invite people and wait for their replies.

They should select suitable dates within the range you have given them. The result is pooled information and the best possible dates for everyone.

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Projekt współfinansowany przez Szwajcarię w ramach szwajcarskiego programu współpracy z nowymi krajami członkowskimi Unii Europejskiej.
Project supported by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union.